Pineridge Bakery

Pineridge Bakery is the home of two of Canada’s leading manufacturers of value-added and premium baked goods, Gourmet Baker and Oakrun Farm Bakery.

With over 60 years combined baking expertise, we offer an unparalleled portfolio and full range of unique and innovative thaw-and-sell, ready-to-serve, freezer-to-oven and proof-and-bake products.

Our success is measured by providing our customers with uncompromising quality, our commitment to being a solutions-oriented partner instrumental in building both in-store bakery and foodservice success while delivering on the highest standards of customer service.

Oakrun Farm Bakery is a high-quality, highly efficient supplier of affordable fresh and frozen baked goods to the retail, foodservice, private label and co-pack business segments. We produce Danish pastries, cakes, tarts, bagels, English muffins, crumpets, sweet muffins, hotcakes and proportioned frozen batters. Oakrun Farm Bakery is located in Ancaster, Ontario.

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Gourmet Baker is a leading manufacturer of baked and unbaked desserts and breakfast pastries for the in-store bakery and foodservice business segments. We make a wide variety of fully decorated cakes, Danish pastries, croissants, crumpets, deluxe dessert bars and squares. We have two bakeries located in Burnaby, British Columbia and one bakery in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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